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First 30 days of blogging honestly takes a lot of heart and guts. And it goes to worst if you are a working person. The working people have save time to do blogging. Blogging is not like writing anything without any focus. You have to think many time before writing a high quality blog.



Setting up and starting a blog involves many thoughts and imaginations. Many people fail to start or continue his blogging journey. Definitely you need a strong base of your blog and properly targeted audience. Therefore, you have to focus on making a right starting approach and have to continue your Blogging Journey.

Many people fail because they follow no plan and approach towards the audience. Successful business blogs contains useful things for their customers. Like that you have to write blogs for a certain category of people , who finds your blog very useful so that they can visit again and again.

What type of blogging personality you need to have ?

Every successful blogging journey starts with the self motivation and dedication. In the starting of your first 30 days of journey, you just need to concentrate your mind. You have to be Obstinate and stubborn towards your approach.


How to setup the blogging journey?

Choose your audience carefully. Analyze mentally about the people who will read your blog and click on multiple links, if he finds your first blog interesting and he will visit again for sure. Many people have problem of choosing the right audience. There are many types of field where people work on and they are interested to know something useful from your blog. 80% chance of people who reads your blog are interested on the field you are writing, other 20% are new in the field. If you write about SEO, Digital marketing etc. The people who is interested in these fields will read your stuff. You have to make the new visitor as a repeated visitor, that’s the challenge.

Think carefully about the topics you will write in the next 30 days. Don’t push for many topics, choose a topic that has less competition early on your blogging career. Choose long tails keywords title, and add many unique words. You are a new writer, so don’t think too much about will the people like them or not. Success comes after the struggle. After your first 30 blogs you will get to know many things , why you are failing and a lot more on how to write user friendly articles. Don’t feel any rush in choosing your blog titles.

Uncover your mindset to write something useful for your audience. The best way to write is writing point wise, so that your blog looks meaningful.People like to read hierarchical point wise subtopics related to the article. Make a habit to write point by point. Add related pictures that defines your related points. Add internal links (links on the same domains) that is likely to be clicked by the user on the related category of your blog. At last of your blog add 2-3 external link that is suitable for the topic.Make your post rich, comprehensive, and user friendly.

Finalize a proper domain name. Many  people are struggling with the name to choose. Choose a random domain name to get started. Don’t loose your time in identify which will suit for your writing. Make it easy and simple. If you think a lot about the domain name “you will be stuck to start a blog whole life”. For example I choose “ATIBlog” and its means nothing, but you can say its a blog.

Choose domain name that is:

  • Simple to read and write. 
  • Easy to pronounce.
  • Unique and Eligible for branding.
  • Has a .com (dot com) as an extension.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Not way too long , keep character length small.
  • Don’t include other characters other than alphabets. 

Choose an easy hosting plan , if you are short on gems. There are many hosting companies who provide easy and fair~pricing hosting plans. If you are a beginner you can choose the most basic plan to move ahead in your journey.

Setup a WordPress site for your journey to write your posts.At the early days in your writing you can write on different web platforms to write a blog, but after practicing 20-30 posts you need to shift to a proper domain and hosting.

Use a SEO Friendly WordPress theme – Clean and Basic.


Select only one title (one post) at a time and try to write about this one title only.



How to start up your First 30 days of Blogging Journey? Your First 30 days will help your next 30 months to reach heights.


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