Wix vs WordPress – Differences in Every aspect to build Website

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WIx vs WordPress in every aspect.

Wix vs WordPress – Whom to choose for website building? This question is very familiar in the new businesses (small or big) and beginner bloggers hoping to generate value from their website. It is very tough to find out which will be better for your business or a blog. But, we will discuss some major differences between them so that you will not regret choosing a wrong website builder. 

In this article we will see different points of concern and help you to choose the right one. Both are the quality website builders but they vary in many things, from coding style to SEO. They are just different from each other. 

Wix vs WordPress General Differences:

1.WIx is not coding friendly and the templates and features can be modifies by them only. You can’t look at the coding stuff.WordPress is open source and very coding friendly. The developers with some coding skills can modify their code.
2.It has a limited number of templates to use. Also you can’t create your own template according to your requirement. It has millions of templates available all over the internet. Also you can create your own template as well. If you know coding then you can customize the things that you can't do with WIX.
3.It has limited number of plugins to extend your website made by them only. You don’t have any control over it also. So, you can consider as secure to use, because it’s not open to everyone to control. Also there is very less chance of errors, breakdowns and conflicts in website. It has millions of plugins available in the repository and you can modify them if you have coding skills. But you should always careful in using those plugins because they may be made by unskilled webmasters/ service providers. Wordpress is open source and this leads to danger of breakdown/ERROR, so you should be aware of that. Use only trusted plugins.
4.This platform is made for non-web-developers .You can move elements around very easily with drag and drop. So, it doesn’t require any external skill set to do.This platform is built for both developers and non-developers. If you require doing any technical changes, you can hire a web developer to do it.
5.This platform’s complexity level is quite low.This platform is more complex than Wix. Yes, you can always hire developers to help you.
6.You don’t need any hosting platform to buy. All the sites are stored in their own server.Yes, you need a hosting platform. And you have to install WordPress on it.
7.Here you can add effects and functionalities which are available in there store. You can’t add something that is a sort unique. This website builder fits very well in professional websites , where you can do anything. I mean you can add different effects, some unique functionalities and things you have dreamed of.

Wix vs WordPress Pricing Comparison 

Pricing is most important aspect of comparison. You must know how much it will cost you before you can start to build websites. Here are some differences:

1.WIX comes up with 5 plans of pricing. From $5 to $25 per month. There is no extra charge. In your chosen plan you can select the theme template from the provides ones. And also the plugins. Pricing in WordPress depends upon what features (themes and plugins) you want to use. There are no fancy themes comes for free. So you need to buy from a trusted seller. The themes will cost you from $25 to $200 depending on their features. Also if you need to buy any premium plugin it will cost you too.
2.You dont need to pay for the hosting. Its included in the chosen plan.You need to pay the hosting providers. There are multiple hosting providers present in the market. Choose which is better for you in terms of flexible pricing. It will cost you around $50 to $150 per year depending on the provider.

Wix vs WordPress for Ecommerce or Online Store:

With respect to ecommerce and flexibility , choosing woocommerce will be best for your business. Woocommerce is widely used wordpress plugin that comes for free. It will provide better insights about for sales and stock. Because of many awesome features, 40% of online stores use this platform.

Wix vs WordPress for Blogging and SEO:

WordPress is made for blogging. It is suitable and SEO friendly for everyone who write blogs and compete in organic searches. Many travel blogs, fashion blogs , tech blogs , photography , portfolios are made with this platform.

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