Avoid Black Hat SEO for Longer Website Values

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Avoiding Black Hat SEO is a strong choice for longer website Values. Going White Hat Way is a long term process and you have to stick with it only. Trying illegal things to rank higher quickly is a sudden death with respect to long term investment, that is White Hat.

Avoid Black Hat SEO for Longer Website Values


Black Hat SEO is as dangerous as “It will cause temporary or permanent ban for your website”. This type of SEO techniques that is aimed to fooling search Engine algorithms will hurt your website badly. As you know Search Engine (mainly google) improving their algorithm regularly , you can not be forgiven for your sin of misleading them. The hurting can be as bad as you can not recover your site.

Difficult to recover from google ban


Top Black Hat things to avoid:

  • Avoid making different versions/edition of website. As you know you can check if a visitor is a bot or a genuine person, don’t try to mislead people. Don’t publish any distinguishable editions of your web pages.
  • Don’t play with hidden texts and links by any means on your own site as well as other sites. Maintain white hat approach in your back-link strategy.
  • Don’t overload your webpage by filling keywords unusually or unnaturally . Try not to intense yourself in keyword stuffing for achieving good ranks.
  • Spamming on other sites is bad. When google identify those misbehavior , they will throw you down.
  • Auto generating web content and pages is a bad and unusual activity. You can not afford to copy content from different blog and use a software to move the words/paragraphs around. Keep in mind that google’s panda updates are build to identify those tactics and sew the sites who are using suspicious activities.
  • Duplicating the content very hardly and throughout will cause you loss in the rankings. For example, if you have one content for a service and you want to show-up in every city/place wise search. Don’t take your mind for using the same content for all the pages that is targeted to every city, where only city name is changed. You will fall down.
  • Avoid back-links from bad sites. You have to very careful in choosing your friend-site. Your links can be useless if you take links from irrelevant sources. Search Engines knows very well , from where you are getting traffic and from where you are not getting any traffic. Don’t think like you can achieve very huge amount of links from different sites very quickly and as a result you can go high. Yes, you can boost very quickly but you will not be stable, SE will kick you down after a period.
  • Buying huge amount of back-links from a firm who uses black hat SEO tactics, will cause you loss on search results. Be familiar with the firm first on what type of things they use to boost your site’s rank. Every business personnel wants results quickly and cheaply. But don’t think like this in case of buying back-links. Simply, don’t trust any SEO-firm who says, “In $600, we will get you 1000 of links and you will be on top of google in less than 4 weeks“. You will be boosted for a small time frame. But after that, you will face a sudden drop in your web traffic. Or you can be disappeared from the search as well.
  • Redirecting pages will surely kick you backwards in the ranking.
  • Avoid writing low quality content that is not user-friendly and informative to the user who is reading. Then people will close your site and search again for the same topic. This will impact on your bounce rate. If your blog’s bounce rate is high then your blog will rank low.
  • Don’t over-optimize your content by adding many unique words that is irrelevant for your audience. If you write simply for the people, they will appreciate your efforts.


How to protect against the negative Black Hat SEO ?

The problem is , when your competitor or anyone like your enemy adds many of your links in a bad reputation site. It is called negative SEO from the opposition. You need to monitor your back-links regularly. Google has a tool in the webmasters to Disavow Links. You can make a text file containing all the links you think is unnecessary , then upload the file to Disavow Links. 

Set an email notification from google webmaster tools, so that you can’t miss the important updates regarding your site, if you don’t visit there regularly. You will find that in the search console preferences.



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